Public Health harassment methodology in a nutshell



  1. Information gleaned about a person’s life and from their personal communications.
  2. Socially engineered pretexts are developed from the tidbits of information gleaned from electronic communications. The pretexts are used as a ruse to approach people not for legitimate investigative work but to entrap and psychologically torment. Classical fear conditioning using visual cues such as the color red matched with spooky or odd ball behaviors is used to trigger observable startle reflexes and cause harmful stress hormones to be released. Tell tale signs that the harassment is being directed by public health is that it usually occurs during 9-5 working hours (See PsyOps).
  3. Scheduling torment: Software applications are used by behavioral scientists to assist in monitoring stress levels and schedule “frequent and prolonged” harassment (ie, daily).  Causing people to suppress anger when harassed is one of the most effective methods of inflicting acute stress and is particularly harmful to women. By design the harassment sounds juvenile and the target is inevitably told to ignore it, however people targeted are subjected to this abuse for years and they cannot escape it as it follows people from community to community. In the beginning the harassment is perpetuated by individual investigators and over time continues to expand in numbers of people involved and intensify in tactics. The mobs are made up of community leaders and their families from academia, neighborhood associations, religious based-non profits and community service travelers. (see Cyber – Behavior & Technology, Inducing Acute Stress.and Vella’s Perpetual Torture poem).
  4. Social undermining and isolation: Public Health workers are experts in social isolation. They will approach any business or organization I do business with to alert them that I pose a risk to the well-being of minorities. What ever they are telling people it is highly affective. Apparently they also instructed to avoid affirming or validating anything I have to say to prevent my having any influence on the group. This also makes me feel not welcome and go away.
  5. Smack downs: my attempts to identify, confront or report is met with increased harassment, two attempts on my life and ongoing attempts to entrap for voluntarily commitment. I’ve recently swarmed by groups of teenagers and even little old ladies, I’ve begun to experiment with engaging in the same petty harassment that I’ve been experienced daily basis with the mind that I’ve been making it too easy for them but am finding that it gives them the ‘evidence of hostility’ they so desperately seek. After nine years of continuous harassment I’m wearing down and it is harder and harder to maintain my composure.
  6. Game over: Being a target of the Public Health avengers is a death sentence leading people to financial ruin, mental break down, suicide or early death. Daily harassment methodologies used are developed by NIH researchers at the University of Pittsburgh’s Mind-Body Center where harassment techniques are used to induce acute stress in healthy people with frequent and prolonged abuse. See lists of published works via links to Curriculum Vitaes for Thomas W Kamarck, PhD, Elizabeth J Vella, PhD, Bruce H Friedman, PhD, Karen A Matthews, PhD, Directory of Audacity
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