Jessie Ventura – Big Brother video series

This post is for people subjected to electronic harassment. Jessie Ventura discusses technology that can be directed to a single person in a crowd so that only they can hear it in their heads. See video 4.

Victims of electronic harassment may be targeted simply because researchers testing out equipment, or they may be the targets of retaliation or both. Historically, psych abuse is done against enemies or people deemed inferior to the perpetrator’s group. It might also be done to silence a whistle-blower, compromise a competitor or someone who is in the way of something desired by another, such as real estate or an inheritance.



Big Brother P1/6 Surveillance Jesse Ventura

Introduction video

Big Brother P2/6 Surveillance Jesse Ventura

Getting listed – Phone monitoring
Jeff Shorre – investigates spying
talks about outsourcing spying
70% of intelligence budget goes to private sector
about 50 billion dollars
The higher the terrorism threat the higher the profit

Big Brother P3/6 Surveillance Jesse Ventura

demonstrates surveillance technology
Matthew Rothchild investigative journalist
infiltrated infragard
preparing for Marshall law
Big brother is your boss at work

Big Brother P4/6 Surveillance Jesse Ventura

Elwood Norris – contractor / inventor
technology that gathers passwords, garage door codes, etc
infrared technology used for remote polygraphs/hostile intent

****sound made in the air projected towards an individual

Infragard FBI gives citizens classified information
gets people to report back on you
Big Brother’s ultimate weapons
getting citizens to spy on citizens

Big Brother P5/6 Surveillance Jesse Ventura

Oklahoma infragard
citizens spy on fellow citizens in exchange for favors
Infragard was started a year after the Oklahoma bombing
interview with Dan Biby serves on infragard board

Big Brother P6/6 Surveillance Jesse Ventura

Infragard began in Cleveland, Ohio
Interview with InfraGard director, David Williams
It’s all an invitation to snoop and seek revenge


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