Stanford Law School’s Mills Legal Clinic

Community Law Clinic

“Students represent low-income people in a variety of civil litigation matters in state courts, and federal and state agencies.  Cases involve core poverty law matters, including eviction, wage and hour, public benefis and criminal record clearance.”

11/20/2013 Spoke with Adelina at 650-725-9200. She could refer me only to a legal referral service for $35 hr. When pushed she provide number to Stanford Law School 650-724-1900.

Criminal Defense Clinic

“Students in the Criminal Defense Clinic represent indigent individuals accused of crimes in Santa Clara County and San Mateo County. The cases encompass a wide range of misdemeanor offenses and some of the more common charges include drug possession, assault, theft, and weapons possession.”

11/20/2013 Left voice mail in general mailbox. 650-724-1900

Criminal Prosecution Clinic

“In this small but hard-working clinic, students prosecute cases at the San Jose Superior Court under the guidance of Santa Clara County prosecutors and faculty supervisors.”

11/20/2013 Left voice mail with George Fisher at 650 723 2578

Immigrants’ Rights Clinic

“Students represent immigrants in cases securing rights for survivors of domestic violence or in deportation, and participate in community outreach, public education, or policy advocacy.” 650 724.9068

International Human Rights and Conflict Resolution Clinic

“Explore human rights, conflict resolution and the human rights and conflict resolution movements through engagement in practice and critical thinking about situations of rights abuse and conflict. Students in the clinic develop and implement strategies to advance human rights and manage conflict, often in partnership with partners around the world.”

Juelsgaard Intellectual Property and Innovation Clinic

“Under close supervision of clinic instructors, students will focus on complex matters of IP law in areas ranging from biotechnology to information technology, pharmaceuticals, clean technology, and the creation and distribution of information.”

Organizations and Transactions Clinic

“Students provide governance advice and documents, draft contract and management materials, and analyze operating programs and contractual arrangements for established Northern California nonprofit organizations.”

Religious Liberty Clinic

The Religious Liberty Clinic offers participating students a dynamic, real-world experience representing a diverse group of clients in disputes arising from a wide range of religious beliefs, practices, and customs in a variety of circumstances.

Social Security Disability Pro Bono Project

“The SLS Social Security Disability Project (SSDP) is the Law School’s only in-house pro bono project, gives students the opportunity to work directly with local homeless clients.”

11/20/2013 Spoke with legal assistant Ashley Pickard 650 724-6347. Says her clinic only helps people applying for SSI. My description of community harassment didn’t qualify me even though when I try to report it I’m given mental health referrals. She was not able to refer me to any legal agency that might help a victim of Public Health harassment. Crown Quadrangle, 559 Nathan Abbott Way, Stanford, CA 94305-8610

Supreme Court Litigation Clinic

“Students litigate cases before the Supreme Court of the United States working on petitions for review, opposition to petitions, and merits briefs filed with the Justices.”

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