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Asian Orphan Annie

Summary: An Asian woman swarms near my car in the morning and is seen  later the same day in a different outfit on the bus. Tentative identifications: none Narrative: Individual #1: an Asian female crosses my path as I walk … Continue reading

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PAPD Cambridge Ave

Summary: After becoming ill, I relocated my camper car to be near a 24 hour Jack in the Box. I’m followed down the street and around the corner by a Palo Alto Police Department squad car. He parks at the … Continue reading

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Israelis swarm

Summary: I’m swarmed by Israelis the day after I complain to an English speaking man about social justice fraud to a man on the bus who talked about being asked to monitor someone because they’d been accused of passive aggressive racism.. … Continue reading

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NIDRR Behavior Change Model

The National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research (NIDRR) behavior change model likely represents how behavior change programs are implemented in other divisions of the Department of Health and Human Services including Public Health. Text in the above chart has … Continue reading

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Grace Presbyterian Church, Palo Alto, CA

Summary: On the way to church I’m swarmed on the street by a bi-racial couple. Tentative identifications: none Narrative: Individual #1: an unidentified female in pink has been photographed at other events sucking her lips in to avoid identification. Individual … Continue reading

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Jorge Wong participates in psych abuse

Summary: A behavioral scientist subjects me to fear conditioning while observing my reaction to a large Tongan gas-lighter,  bi-racial couples, several annoying dogs, a man who solicits women on the street, and followed a young Filipino girl in gas-lighting colors. Narrative: … Continue reading

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A swarm can occur in a single place or can follow a person down the street as they approach a known destination. This is accomplished using a choreographer who follows me and cues provocateurs to suddenly step out from around … Continue reading

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Visual harassment

Classical conditioning pairs visual cues with food to trigger reflexive physiological and behavioral reactions. When the reflex occurs using the cue without or without food, then the target has been successfully conditioned.  This is tested by using the cue to … Continue reading

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Elicitation Techniques

Covert harassment in public places involves groups of 2-3 or more people assuming the role of provocateur, victim or bystander witness. The socially  engineered scripts  are used as a ruse to approach the target are crafted to elicit quick anger … Continue reading

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Corruption in Academia

McGarity, Thomas O. and Wagner, Wendy E. , “Bending science: how special interests corrupt public health research (Simon & Schuster 2008) “ Sommers, Christina Hoff, Who Stole Feminism: How Women Have Betrayed Women (Simon & Schuster 1995); The WAR AGAINST BOYS: … Continue reading

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