Swarm at Safeway, Menlo Park, CA


A group harasses me on the way to a store and then surround me when I sit down to eat.

Tentative identifications: none


Date: December 28, 2013 4:39 pm

Location: 525 El Camino Real in Menlo Park, California 94025



Individual #1: a young Jewish male wearing charcoal grey passes me on foot as I walked on El Camino Avenue towards the Safeway.

Individual(s) #2:  a white car passes by and honking its horn. Behavioral Medicine researchers have found that ‘warm up’ harassment prior to a main harassment event increases the target’s level of response to abuse.

Individual #3: a female pushes as shopping cart with children down an isle. As she nears the end of the isle she physically twists the heavy cart from side to side making noise with the wheels that causes me to turn in the direction of the sound.

Individual #4: a tall blond male in a bright orange shirt sits down at a table directly in front of me as soon as I sit down in the empty dining area. He is quickly joined by two adolescents also wearing bright shirts.

From experience, I know that there are likely other provocateurs nearby look to see the young Jewish male seated directly behind me. I turn my chair around to face him. He turns his chair to the wall.

When attempt to get his photo he puts his hand up to block the camera. This is a highly unusual move. Typically I can walk circles around the provocateurs and they simply pretend not to notice. He gets up and makes a beeline towards the back of the store. Is he going to ask security to hand over the video?

The children watching this are perplexed by what they see. The blond man ignores us.

After a while, I return to the deli area where the young Jewish male is passing back and forth. I ignore him and keep my distance.

He appears to be the younger brother of a man from an earlier event. The woman in yellow is possibly a sister or aunt.


Because the provocateurs have been unable to provoke to me enough to entrap on malicious harassment using adults, they now often bring children to events. While police are happy to ignore report of organized harassment by adults, any mention of the presence of children in harassment events can result in involuntary commitment. The goal of this event was to:

  1. Assault on the body and mind: Induce acute stress and a sense of no escape by harassing anywhere and everywhere I go. Overtime this affects a person’s ability to perform well and puts their health at significant risk of sudden death from cardiac events.
  2. Social alienation: Get me babbling about the abuse to the organizations in which the abuse is taking place which understandably causes alarm and severely compromises my standing and welcome.
  3. Legal cover: Orchestrating events that draw the concerned attention of bystanders. Responding to the public’s concerns provides legal cover for public health social workers who are using their power of authority to enforce ideological conformity and punish reports of wrong doing across diversity lines.
  4. Lowering the bar for involuntary commitment: While law enforcement will ignore reports of organized harassment by adults working with public health and social justice groups they will become understandably alarmed if children are mentioned. For this reason, public health workers should have to identify themselves to the people they are targeting.
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