Is this Steven Sipperstein?


Is this Steven Sipperstein?

Is this Steven Sipperstein?

A man sits smirking at me and talking about the holocaust to a woman at a table next to me then stands behind me whistling and laughing.

Indivisual #1: Steven Sipperstein is tentatively identified as the man in the coffee shop.

He talked about teaching history at Stanford and the Batista greets him as ‘Steven’.

The whistling is now a harassment tactic being used by other provocateurs approaching me from behind.


One of the versions of my website is “Saskia Whistleblower”. Because I was concerned that people wouldn’t remember my odd name, I changed the web site to “The Fairest Game” because it has a play on words that is significant both to the type of unethical, un-American tactics being used which attack from every angle and the white population being targeted.

It also hints at the irony of an ethnic group that America fought to rescue in WWII is now attacking the only ethnic groups that stood up to Hitler. I don’t think I’ve ever read an account of him that didn’t make a point of speculating about Hitler’s Jewish ancestry.

For some reason, authors are fixated on the paternal side of the family, however the first time I saw a photo of his mother, I thought it was joke because she is obviously Jewish. So this big mystery of why the

Klara and Alois Hitler

Klara and Alois Hitler

father wouldn’t marry the mother is no mystery at all as these biases still exist.

My own father claims his Jewish wife, is responsible for his never having helped my mother support me even though it was well within in his means to do so.

In 2011, when I attempted to meet him for the first time since 1966, he deferred to his wife who declined the visit.

Such charming people…

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