Swarms on the way to SCVMC


Silent swarms harass to and from the SCVMC.


Swarm on the way to SCVMC

Swarm on the way to SCVMC

Individual #1: Russell Ramsey is tentatively unidentified as the older gay male. At the Caltrain a man with an odd vibe gets on a bus and sits behind me.

unidentified male and female

unidentified male and female

Individual #2: unidentified gay male sits in front of me with a large red Macy’s shopping bag.

When we get off at the stop for my pharmacy, the man first walks ahead of me on the way to my pharmacy and turns into the medical center complex and disappears.

He was believed to have been present at a gay swarm on an earlier date.

Individual #3: may nor may not be part of the swarm

Individual #4: many or may not be part of the swarm.

What makes the #3 and #4 possible harasser is that I was also harassed at the same intervals alone this street the last time and the color scheme is consistent. Red, white and black are used in suicide prompting.

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