Jorge Wong participates in psych abuse


Jorge Wong, Phd

Jorge Wong, Phd

A behavioral scientist subjects me to fear conditioning while observing my reaction to a large Tongan gas-lighter,  bi-racial couples, several annoying dogs, a man who solicits women on the street, and followed a young Filipino girl in gas-lighting colors.


Individual #1: An unidentified man believed to be of Tongan ancestry that has been seen at other harassment events takes a seat at a coffee bar overlooking the patio where I’m sitting at a coffee shop. He is wearing gas-lighting colors and clown glasses to induce fear. Black VW sedan CA plate 45BU683.


Couple with small dogs

Individual #2: Jorge Wong, a Behavioral Scientist with Palo Alto University is tentatively identified as the man sitting to the right of #1. His professional profile follows:

“Dr. Jorge Wong is the Director of Behavioral Health Services at Asian Americans for Community Involvement (AACI), the largest nonprofit health and human services provider focused on Asian Americans in Santa Clara County. He serves in countywide oversight and policy development committees for the Mental Health and Alcohol and Drug Departments. At the state, Dr. Wong serves on the Consumer and Family Leadership Committee of the MHS Oversight and Accountability Commission, the Advisory Committee for the DMH’s Loan

Filipino men and older female

Filipino men and older female


Assumption Program, and the Advisory Panel for Kaiser Permanente’s Research Project on Genes, Environment, and Health. He currently Chairs the Membership Committee for the California Psychological Association and is on the Board of the California Psychology Internship Council (CAPIC). Dr. Wong received his Doctorate from PAU and completed his Internship at Cermak Health Services of Cook County Department of Correction (APA). He is certified in Healthcare Compliance and Ethics, teaches in the Diversity and Community Mental Health proficiency track with an emphasis on administration, policy development, procurement, leadership and advocacy. In his spare time he enjoys intramural volleyball, dragon boating, and mud runs with his interns and trainees.” souce

Hispanic male with white female

Hispanic male with white female

Bi-racial couple #1

Individual #3: An unidentified Filipino female, accompanied by a man, takes a seat to my left with three small dogs and seems to enjoy my annoyance. I drag a chair noisily across the patio in protest.

Individual #4: An unidentified Jewish male accompanying individual #3 is possibly her husband.

Individual #5: An unidentified older female Filipino sits near me that I think I recognize from the All Saints Episcopal Church. She is possibly the mother of individual #3.

Individual #6: An unidentified older Filipino male standing on the other side of the side walk barrier drinking coffee is likely her husband.

Young Filipino female

Young Filipino female

Individual #7: An unidentified adult Filipino male standing on the other side of the side walk barrier drinking coffee is likely her son.

The Filipino men are eventually joined by the bi-racial couple, they chat briefly. The older Filipino female lingers and then joins the group and they leave.

Bi-racial couple #2

Individual #8: An unidentified Hispanic male accompanied by a white female who I believe is the same man who approached me on Santa Clara St walking beside me as i made my way down the street explained that he was a plumber from another country and offered $20 to go have coffee with him. This occurs within a couple hours of having made a comment on a cell phone to a friend that I was down to my last $5 dollars. This was followed by several other proposition prompting skits including calls from clients wanting me to meet them at hotels to notarize documents at hotels. After he returns to his car I photograph his license plate for a partial identification. Inside the cafe his is seated with a female. Maroon Scion, CA plate 5KXS225.

Individual #9: unidentified white female seated inside cafe.

white female with ear buds

white female with ear buds

Individual #10: An unidentified young Filipino female, who is likely below the age of 18 takes a seat at table in front me with a cerulean blue jacket on her arm. This color is often used in harassment. The use of young people increases my risk in documenting the abuse and my stress.

Individual #11: An unidentified white female wearing ear buds and carrying on phone conversation takes a seat at the coffee bar over looking the patio after the others have left. I’m not sure if she was surveillancing or what.

Individual #12: An unidentified white female sitting inside the cafe writing in a caligraphy book raises her head and smiles brightly when I enter as if she’s going to greet me then looks back down with a blank look. This odd bright to blank maneuver has been recently used by another woman. She does this both times I enter to get my cup refilled.

white females in black

white females in black

After the Filipinos leave she comes out and sits at the table to my left and lays a black straw sun visor on the table. When I ask if she works for the county she says no. I realize I should as if she works for the government or a non-profit. That I should ask for a business card.

When she gets up to leave she goes around me and touches my shoulder firmly with a finger tip. This has been done by white females at the Opportunity Center and at All Saints unrelated to harassment.

White males

White males

It’s absolutely infuriating to have teams of people harassing me and then on the rare occasion if I to anything in response to have this tap on the shoulder. But this is the nature of fear conditioning: to induce acute stress that I’m obligated to suppress because anything I say, positive or negative, appropriate or inappropriate will be used to abuse me.

Individual #13: An unidentified white female stands on the other side of the side walk the  barrier in a black vest is likely with Individual #13. but because they don’t want documented evidence of her wearing harassment colors the hat is set on the table and the black is work by a third party as I’m taking photos.

A paralyzing fear keeps me from walking around the barrier to take a better photo without interference from the sunlight. These people have developed driving people over the edge into an art form and I can’t risk being provoked to the point of loosing control of my emotions in the face of people that are keen to involuntarily commit.

Individual #14: Males seated on my right are possibly a family member of individual #12.

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2 Responses to Jorge Wong participates in psych abuse

  1. Dee says:

    I’m a little confused and perhaps it’s my dumb nature to not piece everything together quickly, but what is going on here? From my understanding, you are sitting in a coffee shop in which there are many individuals who seem to be harassing you by simply being in your presence. Please correct this if I am mistaken.

    • TheFairest says:

      Hello Dee,

      Thank you so much for asking this question. No question is dumb. Obviously Mr Wong is not just anybody. He has an extensive background in behavior modification.

      Please refer to the main page of my blog for an overview of my story. There you will also find links to the history of the abuse including how I was profiled in a classroom on ideology and became a target of abuse, how the networks and the behavioral scientists connected to them were identified, their research on hostility and stress and harassment methods they use to induce stress and use race baiting to provoke a strong desire to get even in hopes of eliciting a negative reaction to “expose racism”.

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