Grace Presbyterian Church, Palo Alto, CA


Arastradero Rd

Arastradero Rd

On the way to church I’m swarmed on the street by a bi-racial couple.

Tentative identifications: none


Individual #1: an unidentified female in pink has been photographed at other events sucking her lips in to avoid identification.

Individual #2: an unidentified black male also walks by me coming from the opposite direction sucking his lips in to avoid identification.

When I arrive at the church the woman who was on the street in now in different cloths with her long blond hair let down. I change seats to one directly in front her and she snarls “sinner” at me during a gospel song then leaves.

The Jewish pastor give s sermon on social justice and the holocaust. The church turns out to based on a church in Brooklyn New York headed by Timothy Keller.

After the service a young Jewish man is seen putting on white clown sunglasses then walks past me and disappears through the crowd.

I chat with a woman from Tennessee who works as an engineer at Moffet Federal Airbase.


The provocateurs were likely not members of this church. However they were attempting to discourage me from attending church services to ensure that I did not form social networks as a method of silencing non-conforming political ideology and to prevent me from communicating about their abuses to people who might help me initiate an investigation.

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