Israelis swarm


I’m swarmed by Israelis the day after I complain to an English speaking man about social justice fraud to a man on the bus who talked about being asked to monitor someone because they’d been accused of passive aggressive racism..

Tenative identifications: Couple 1: Camry 6CL3950, Single female: 5FEMF61, Couple 2: DP 443CL OR 44CLL.


Approximately 12:00 pm, 217 Alma St, Palo Alto, CA 94301

Individual #1: a young Asian male is spotted monitoring my car, where I’m currently living. This afternoon, I slept late after staying up all night, then ate lunch tailgate style. As I stepped around my car, I caught sight of a young Asian man crouched down in front of the store. He appeared to be a transient wearing a new bright blue jacket. I walked over and saw the he’d had a clear view of my car doors.

5:30 pm, Palo Alto Cal-Train station, Bus 35 to Mountain View.

Individual #1: A couple of older Israeli women get on the bus with me at the Palo Alto Caltrain station. They chat in Hebrew and one of the women sits at an odd angle on the seat staring at me.

Individual #2: Israeli woman with friend.

Individual #3: middle-aged white female with blond hair in bright pink t-shirt boards the bus with a teenage girl. The woman does not look happy.

Individual #4: teenage female with straw blond hair gas-lighting in pink and green, my favorite colors, with a star on her sweater fashioned after my business cards (red double border). Green stockings, blue dress with red roses and a knit sweater. She is smirking and avoids eye contact to keep from laughing.  I ask if they are going to the YMCA and she says no.

Individual #5: An unfamiliar black man gets on the bus wearing a black jumper with white stripes down the sides. He sits across from the girl. A shadow?

6:30 pm, YMCA 3412 Ross Rd, Palo Alto, CA 94303

Individual #6 At the YMCA, Asian females cue a white woman with straw blond hair wearing a neon pink full piece bathing suit to engage in visual harassment. She is possibly the mother of the teenager on the bus.

It is common to have a string of family members, one after the other appear during a harassment event. I’m therefore inclined to believe that the white female in pink bathing suit is connected to the girl on the bus.

10:30 pm at Happy Donuts, 3916 El Camino Real, Palo Alto, CA 94306

When I enter the shop a group of middle-aged Israelis are sitting at a large table speaking in Hebrew.

Individual #7: a young male is there who was also present during a swarm last weekend. This time he is keen to get my attention. He keeps looking back at the Israeli table then sits with his white iPhone in a cerulean blue case held up in my direction as he watches a movie and possibly takes an image of me. I recently lost my iPhone. don’t know if I dropped it or if it was pick pocketed.

Individual #8: Jewish male with distinctive looks and keeps looking back at me. He is somewhat tall, black hair. Drove a silver Toyota Camry California plate 6CL3950,

Individual #9: female passenger of Individual #7. nondescript.

Individual #10: Jewish male, nondescript in the company of Individual #10. I couldn’t tell who was driving their car. Possible driver of car with California Disabled Plates 443CL OR 44CLL.

Individual #11: Jewish female, nondescript. Accompanied Individual#9

Individual #12: Jewish female, petite, otherwise nondescript. Drove a small car with California plate 5FEMF61,

Individual #13: a middle aged Jewish male also with an ex-druggie look in denim jacket in the company of Individual #14. Possibly driving a black car with California plates 3MNC141.

Individual #14: a middle-aged Jewish female wearing faux black leather jacket with thin ex-druggie look in the company of Individual#13


Noise is a new theme this year so the previously silent swarms are now talking. However, activists don’t want me upsetting their volunteers and sponsors with talk of social justice fraud so the next day they swarmed with groups who spoke but in a language I was not able to respond to.

I’ve now begun approaching people acting strangely and chatting them up in a friendly way and asking were they are from. I’m discovering that the silence may have been in part to hide the degree to which immigrants are being used in the abuse.

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3 Responses to Israelis swarm

  1. Hello, I never read your writting before, I find it odd that you write doen their license plates and describe what they drive and wear. why are you so on the lookout for Israelis? Are you paranoid by the unknown? I havew been to California many times and experienced noise pollution in many different Asian languages and Latino languages. This ia America people speak different languages here. Perhaps you’re not tolerant because your racist or just antisemetic. I hope when moderating you will post my comment.
    We all have a first amandment right so you’re free to write what you want but it seems like your paranoid.

    • TheFairest says:

      Hello Dorkmasterfunk,

      Thank you for your comments. You’re right, my description of the event was confusing. I’ve updated the summary and conclusion to be more clear. The harassment currently involves a steady stream of people crossing paths with me with odd behaviors and bright colors 24 hours a day. Many people participate in social justice harassment through their church’s social justice programs. Therefore there are lots of family groups of shared ethnicity. For example 5 families from 5 different groups will be assigned for a week along with new color scheme. There are at least seven synagogues in the Palo Alto area. Plus many of the churches are lead by Jewish pastors. In the past the swarms were mostly silent, now that they are talking I hear lots of Israeli and Russian accents. I’m confirming this by asking where they are from and encouraging them to enjoy their visit.

      • Thank you for your reply. I have never heard of Jewish Pastors before. A lot of weird stuff happens in California. I live in NYC and I hear many different accents as well but I never feel swarmed by them. I may have just gotten well adjusted to it.
        Have a great day.

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