Asian Orphan Annie

Asian Orphan Annie

Asian Orphan Annie


An Asian woman swarms near my car in the morning and is seen  later the same day in a different outfit on the bus.

Tentative identifications: none


Individual #1: an Asian female crosses my path as I walk towards a bus stop at 9:19am in the morning a woman appears in a red Orphan Annie style jacket pulling a bag on wheels with a monkey face on it.

Later that day at 2:30pm, on my way from Palo Alto to Downtown San Jose, she gets on the bus wearing a pink and green outfit. She sits in the front. I move to the back. She moves to a seat in front of me. I move to the front.

Hispanic woman in pink

Hispanic woman in pink

After fiddling on my iPhone for a while, a male child around 8 years old is sitting with his arms around his legs in front of me in side facing seats. I don’t think the schools have let out for the day.

I look back and see the Asian woman is still there and snap another photo and exit the bus.

Individual #2: a Hispanic female dressed head to toe in bright pink is at table at the Town and Country shopping center.

Fear conditioning involves taking a visual cue and matching it with both threats and non-threats. She has been given the role of non-threat and is thus very friendly. But when ever she appears she usually positions herself directly in front of me.

Parking lot attendant

Parking lot attendant

Individual #3: a Hispanic male parking lot attendant is wearing red sunglasses and has a cerulean blue coffee mug. He is working in a lot next to the Opportunity Center.

Individual #4: a Jewish male gives a whistle as he serves me potatoes. I whistle Dixey in response. When I take his photo he tucks his lips in. He two companions seem unaware of he is harassing me.

As I’m leaving the men follow me out the door to their car parked in front of the building.

white male with red nike shoes

white male with red nike shoes

Individual #5: white male companion of Individual #4.

Individual #6: white male companion of Individual #4 not photographed.

Individual #7: a Hispanic male at bus stop, may be a shadow.

Individual #8: a white male with reddish hair is standing at the bus stop with red Nike tennis shoes. Recently I browsed for doc martins with red laces because I don’t really think I’ve ever seen anybody wearing these. Since then I’m being swarmed by people in red shoes.

white guy in yellow

white guy in yellow

Individual #8: a white male with reddish hair is sitting near a white column against a blue wall. He is wearing a yellow jacket and pink and green lanyards and a white sheet. He yells insults and curses at me after I take his photo.

According to the Robert Plutchik, the color yellow is associated with joy and serenity in the brain. In events prior to this, yellow has been worn by the ‘friendly’ person. As often happens the fear conditioning starts out with friendly overtones and turns to hostile overtones.

white female pink and blue

white female pink and blue

Individual #9: Jewish male standing across the street from where Individual #8 is yelling at me. His skate board has pink and green colors.

Individual #10: white female in pink and blue passes from beind.



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