The Michief Makers in California?

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While volunteering for a local non-profit, two women engage in visual harassment wearing matching theatrical attire, umbrellas and backpacks with British flags.

Tentative identifications: They are possibly members of British based activist groups ‘Mischief Makers‘ and the ‘No Border Network‘ which resists human migration control.


March 1, 2014, approx 12:30 am.

Individual #1: GM, Hispanic male, volunteer DST: GM requested that we stop by a 7/11 on Lytton during a shift so he could get something to eat.

Individual #2: TC, white male, lead co-volunteer DST: TC and I waited in his car while GM entered the store.

Individual #3: unidentified, white female, 40-50 years old, heavy set, with short flame red hair gathered in a small knot at the top of her head carrying an umbrella and backpack with large British flag. Her attire resembles Mischief Makers: matching theater-like eccentric costumes, funny hats, flared skirts, clownish shoes and umbrellas.

An odd woman walks back and forth in front of our car then in a theatrical manner, removed her grey felt hat and held it up as if to pan handle from a black man standing in front of the store.

March 1, 2014, approx 12:20 am.

Individual #4: Saskia Valentine (self), white female, 52 years, target of social justice entrapment harassment since 2003 as result of voicing support for immigration control during an open discussion in a classroom on immigration and jobs at Metropolitan Adult Education in San Jose were I was taking classes for a teaching credential.

Towards the end of my shift, I was accompanied by GM as I  walked to the 24 hr Subway restaurant on University to use the restroom. TC stayed behind at the DST tool box finishing up his paperwork.

Individual #5: unidentified, White female, 60-70 years old, trim, with dull reddish hair in cut in a bob. In front of the store sat a woman wearing Mischief Maker style attire. She took a photo of me with her camera then held up her umbrella to prevent me from taking a photo of her. When she told me to leave her alone I could hear she had a British accent. She then began blowing a Metropolitan type whistle. I entered Subway restaurant to use the restroom.

Individual #6: unidentified driver was possibly a male Filipino. Delivery truck with ‘Systems of America’ logo,, License plate CA 4KZ5160.

When I exited Subway the woman was standing in the middle of the street blowing her whistle. A semi-truck started up nearby and began moving towards her. She crossed to the other side of the street carrying a backpack bearing a British flag. After the truck passed, I crossed the street also heading back to rejoin TC keeping my video recorder on as I passed the group.

Individual #7: white male, 20s, trim, brown hair (couple walking)
Individual #8: white female, 20’s, trim, blond hair (couple walking)

The woman had approached an American couple walking down the University Avenue and complaining to them that I was harassing her. The man threatened to call the police and I encouraged him to do so, because if they called, the witnesses would have to identify themselves to the dispatcher. I’d already figured out which activist group the woman likely belonged to and knew she was probably in the country illegally and would take off if police were called. The man declined to call.


Jewish connections: These events were preceded in February with events in which a Jewish woman in grey felt hats.  It’s possible that a Jewish group sponsored activists and the activists wearing the same gray felt hats are a nod to their sponsors.

Immigration connections: A slogan of the No Border Network is “No one is illegal”. Activists present in a harassment event in July 2013 in downtown San Jose were also photographed at a 2007 protest in 2007 holding a sign with this slogan.

Denial of resources: it is quite likely that my documenting the event with photographs and attempting to report the abuse will result in my being excluded from the volunteer position and loss of the benefits that come with it.

Harms way: Sometimes I will cross the street to get a photo but will only travel a short distance. There have been at several recent events in which provocateurs attempted  to lure me into crossing into heavy traffic. I have had two attempts on my life, both involving vehicles.

Psychological Civil Warfare: responding negatively to the harassment will likely result in punitive actions while ignoring it and suppressing anger maximizes the damage done to health from stress and increases the likelihood of lateral violence against people close to me. Acute stress combined with a sense of no escape puts people at risk of sudden death from cardiac events. These techniques were developed by behavioral scientists for counterintelligence but are being used as a form of social control.

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