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Reference Counterintelligence Methods

The researchers at the Pittsburgh Mind-Body Center identified in harassment events are likely connected to counterintelligence. They not only know how to induce stress but are expert at covert methods and recruiting people to participate. Occasionally I get hints that they’ve … Continue reading

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The Michief Makers in California?

Summary While volunteering for a local non-profit, two women engage in visual harassment wearing matching theatrical attire, umbrellas and backpacks with British flags. Tentative identifications: They are possibly members of British based activist groups ‘Mischief Makers‘ and the ‘No Border … Continue reading

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Liberal counterintellignce operations

Offensive Counterintelligence methodology “Counterespionage goes beyond being reactive, and actively tries to subvert hostile intelligence services, by recruiting agents in the foreign service, by discrediting personnel actually loyal to their own service, and taking away resources that would be useful … Continue reading

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Disappearing links I apologize about disappearing links to sites like “” and “” however in some cases I’ve captured snips or downloaded pages so that I have some evidence that the webpages once existed. Media Logic is likely relocated from … Continue reading

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Asian Orphan Annie

Summary: An Asian woman swarms near my car in the morning and is seen  later the same day in a different outfit on the bus. Tentative identifications: none Narrative: Individual #1: an Asian female crosses my path as I walk … Continue reading

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PAPD Cambridge Ave

Summary: After becoming ill, I relocated my camper car to be near a 24 hour Jack in the Box. I’m followed down the street and around the corner by a Palo Alto Police Department squad car. He parks at the … Continue reading

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Israelis swarm

Summary: I’m swarmed by Israelis the day after I complain to an English speaking man about social justice fraud to a man on the bus who talked about being asked to monitor someone because they’d been accused of passive aggressive racism.. … Continue reading

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NIDRR Behavior Change Model

The National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research (NIDRR) behavior change model likely represents how behavior change programs are implemented in other divisions of the Department of Health and Human Services including Public Health. Text in the above chart has … Continue reading

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Grace Presbyterian Church, Palo Alto, CA

Summary: On the way to church I’m swarmed on the street by a bi-racial couple. Tentative identifications: none Narrative: Individual #1: an unidentified female in pink has been photographed at other events sucking her lips in to avoid identification. Individual … Continue reading

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Jorge Wong participates in psych abuse

Summary: A behavioral scientist subjects me to fear conditioning while observing my reaction to a large Tongan gas-lighter,  bi-racial couples, several annoying dogs, a man who solicits women on the street, and followed a young Filipino girl in gas-lighting colors. Narrative: … Continue reading

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