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Asian hobo family

Summary: On News Years Day, a couple sit down at a table next to me. Narrative: Individual #1: female Asian. The unremarkable woman avoids eye contact but is recognized from a photograph a week prior. Individual #2: female Asian elderly. … Continue reading

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Is this Steven Sipperstein?

Summary: A man sits smirking at me and talking about the holocaust to a woman at a table next to me then stands behind me whistling and laughing. Indivisual #1: Steven Sipperstein is tentatively identified as the man in the … Continue reading

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Affect of colors

The following research describes how color quickens and intensifies physical responses while at the same time it suppresses cognitive function. In the use of red or striking bright colors of other hues increases the likelihood that a person being harassed … Continue reading

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Valley Care – Dental X-rays

Swarmed on the way to San Jose to the Valley Medical Satelite Center at 500 Tully Rd to get a PANO dental X-Ray for my dentist Dr Sarrafan. Stressors: Silent swarm and color flash, strollers This event was in my … Continue reading

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Report_ADL Browser Manipulation

To positively reinforce my taking photographs, I’m presented with several photo ops and accommodating browser searches that help me quickly identify people from various Media Logic branches. Unconfirmed identities: Casper Frets from Denmark and Tanveer Ahmed Arif from Pakistan (aka … Continue reading

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Report Index

Ordered by Date Date Title City State TAG 2007-02-23 Country Doctor Clinic: Investigatorattempt to illicit a malicious complaint against an immigrant health care worker accused of sexual misconduct by other patients. Seattle WA My character 2011-08-18 MeterorCom Right-to-Represent: Recruiters attempt … Continue reading

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The following people, represented by their initials, have been eliminated as possible suspects. If you find anything still posted, please contact me and I will fix it. Thank you for your patience and understanding. DC – neurobiologist, eliminated 3/22/2012 RL – … Continue reading

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While seeking to induce extreme stress harassers also attempt to thwart efforts to cope with it in healthy ways including being ever present at the gym or engaging in social undermining (see inducing acute stress). Changing from the YMCA to a … Continue reading

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Public Health involuntary commitment caseworker sent to my door: after I attempted to contact Bellevue Police Chief Linda Pillo to complain about officers not taking reports.   UNCONFIRMED IDENTITIES: Carina Elsenboss of Public Health; Tammy Morrill/ Merrill of Pubic Health and Allan Glenn of ComSys. PDF report – 2011-10-28_Public-Health_Belleuve_WA__OBSTRUCT-THREATEN … Continue reading

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During a road trip on the East Coast to look for answers into the harassment, an attempt is made on my life by people who appear to have some connection to my father’s family who I’ve never met. Unconfirmed identities:Dominic … Continue reading

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