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Israelis swarm

Summary: I’m swarmed by Israelis the day after I complain to an English speaking man about social justice fraud to a man on the bus who talked about being asked to monitor someone because they’d been accused of passive aggressive racism.. … Continue reading

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Grace Presbyterian Church, Palo Alto, CA

Summary: On the way to church I’m swarmed on the street by a bi-racial couple. Tentative identifications: none Narrative: Individual #1: an unidentified female in pink has been photographed at other events sucking her lips in to avoid identification. Individual … Continue reading

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Jorge Wong participates in psych abuse

Summary: A behavioral scientist subjects me to fear conditioning while observing my reaction to a large Tongan gas-lighter,  bi-racial couples, several annoying dogs, a man who solicits women on the street, and followed a young Filipino girl in gas-lighting colors. Narrative: … Continue reading

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Swarms on the way to SCVMC

Summary: Silent swarms harass to and from the SCVMC. Narrative: Individual #1: Russell Ramsey is tentatively unidentified as the older gay male. At the Caltrain a man with an odd vibe gets on a bus and sits behind me. Individual … Continue reading

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Asian hobo family

Summary: On News Years Day, a couple sit down at a table next to me. Narrative: Individual #1: female Asian. The unremarkable woman avoids eye contact but is recognized from a photograph a week prior. Individual #2: female Asian elderly. … Continue reading

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Is this Steven Sipperstein?

Summary: A man sits smirking at me and talking about the holocaust to a woman at a table next to me then stands behind me whistling and laughing. Indivisual #1: Steven Sipperstein is tentatively identified as the man in the … Continue reading

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Report_ADL Browser Manipulation

To positively reinforce my taking photographs, I’m presented with several photo ops and accommodating browser searches that help me quickly identify people from various Media Logic branches. Unconfirmed identities: Casper Frets from Denmark and Tanveer Ahmed Arif from Pakistan (aka … Continue reading

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