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Grace Presbyterian Church, Palo Alto, CA

Summary: On the way to church I’m swarmed on the street by a bi-racial couple. Tentative identifications: none Narrative: Individual #1: an unidentified female in pink has been photographed at other events sucking her lips in to avoid identification. Individual … Continue reading

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Jorge Wong participates in psych abuse

Summary: A behavioral scientist subjects me to fear conditioning while observing my reaction to a large Tongan gas-lighter,  bi-racial couples, several annoying dogs, a man who solicits women on the street, and followed a young Filipino girl in gas-lighting colors. Narrative: … Continue reading

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Asian hobo family

Summary: On News Years Day, a couple sit down at a table next to me. Narrative: Individual #1: female Asian. The unremarkable woman avoids eye contact but is recognized from a photograph a week prior. Individual #2: female Asian elderly. … Continue reading

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