Saskia Valentine

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Civil Rights Attorney

My coffee cup

My coffee cup

I’m seeking an attorney who is familiar with behavioral medicine research and public health networks with employers and social justice groups.


I’m available for consultation for targets of abuse and their families on how to document and analyze the events to determine if they are possibly directed by public health researchers. The key to analyzing the events is keeping detailed journal descriptions of the subtle events and taking photos and video whenever possible. If it is organized abuse, patterns will emerge.


Ever wonder if the odd things you are experiencing are coincidence or manipulations? I talk about what it’s like to experience surveillance technology abuses.  and how you can protect your family and the use of classical conditioning as a method of social control in the classroom, media and workplace.


My electronic communications are interfered with. For this reason I prefer to talk to people via Skype or Yahoo Messenger. I’m currently living in down town Palo Alto, CA. I can often be found with my blue Danube coffee mug in the evenings at Happy Donuts, 3916 El Camino Real Palo Alto, CA 94306